Computer Sales & Service

Rates for Residential Systems:

In-Shop Service is $40/hour
On-Site Service is $60/hour
Remote Support is $60/hour
(1 hour minimum fee on all services)

Destination Fee's
Under 10 miles away
10-15 miles away
15-25 miles away
Over 25 miles away
If unsure, call or e-mail us your
address and we can tell you.

  • Setup Broadband DSL or RoadRunner
  • Speed up any slow computer
  • Scan for & Remove viruses
  • Scan for & Remove spyware
  • Setup New Computers
  • Backup important files & pictures
  • Install a Free Anti-Virus Scanner
  • Install Free Anti-Spyware Cleaners
  • Setup a Network (Wired or Wireless)
  • Scan for security problems

Flat Rate Services Price
Install/ReInstall Windows $75
This is used in case there is problem with your computer and it would be easier to start over then to just fix it. When we format and reinstall, we can save any documents, pictures, files, and possibly a few Windows settings and some e-mails (for an additional $25). We are not able to copy over entire programs, but we can help you reinstall them if you have the software CD's or the setup for them. This service is done only here in our shop because of the time it takes to do it.

Make a Backup/Restore Disc
If you want us to make a new restore disc for your computer, bring it in and we can do it for you. This would need to be done if you have lost your original restore or backup disc's or if you like the system state your computer is in at the time being. We make an image if your computer the way it is when you bring it to us, so it is recommended that you update your computer to the fullest by doing windows updates, make sure all of your drivers for your hardware is installed, and make sure you do not have any viruses or spyware. If you need help with any of those, we will charge you on a per hour fee until they get resolved (this is only optional). This service is only done in our shop because of the time it takes to do so and the equipment required.

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